• Date:07.31.2022
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Printed & Care Label

Care labels are one of the most vital accessories of a garment as it contains the necessary information for care instruction which would keep the garment at its best and increase its longevity. It is essentially a small solution to avoid big problems for consumers! At Harnest we supply brands with the highest quality care label which are pretested with high pressure and high temperature wash to ensure its resilience and use the best quality ink and printing, making the texts clear and bleed proof.

List of Machineries

With our unique and capable screen print machine, we are able to print labels on ribbons as well as beautiful cotton and canvas tapes with precision and accuracy.

4 Units – Golden Gear Flexo Printing (Full Auto)
2 Units – Golden Gear Screen Print (Full Auto)
Delivery in Roll Format or Cut As per Buyer Requirement

Total Production Capacity

8,000,000 Pcs Per Month

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