Capitalizing our rich know-how compliant manufacturing practice, we are now planning to build our organization as a model compliant factory in Bangladesh. We are also aiming to increase both the efficiency and the volume of our existing manufacturing capacity as well as; improve the quality of the product. At present we are only producing woven label but we have decided to provide all kinds of accessories so that our valued customer get one stop service. Meanwhile, all measures have been taken to enter in the market of PFL (Printed Fabric Label), Twill Tape (both cotton & polyester) and Elastic (both crochet & Jacquard).

Within six months following machine will be included in our production unit;
i) Brand new Rapier loom for woven label.
ii) Brand new loom for Twill Tape (both cotton & polyester).
iii) Brand new looms with Jacquard for Elastic.
iv) Brand new Crochet Machine Elastic.
v) Brand new Fabric Printing Machine
vi) Brand new Screen Printing Machine
vii) Ultrasonic cutting Machine
viii) Cut & Fold Machine
ix) Brand new Warping Machine.
x) Brand new Finishing Machine.
xi) Brand new measuring and winding Machine.